What we do | Grassroots Intervention

At Anant Vikas, we follow a participatory model of development that supports intervention programs to assist and inspire people in rural India to achieve self-sufficiency. The projects are therefore as varying as the needs of the people, and based on the availability of resources. An important goal of ours is to transform these villages into places that people would want to continue to live in. Urban migration to cities in search of employment is a worldwide phenomenon. These projects are, in a way, our attempt to arrest such forced migration. By addressing the needs of the villagers, our goal is to help people transform their villages into models of development.

We currently work in over 45 villages in two states of Haryana and Maharashtra in India. Our interventions in each of these villages depend on the felt needs communicated by the villagers. Our firm insistence on participatory development ensures that each of the interventions come from the villagers rather than being forced upon them.

Some of our projects have been undertaken in collaboration with funders and other partners. Wherever possible, we have worked with the existing institutions, such as existing Self Help Groups (SHGs), to strengthen the efforts made by government or other organizations working in the same villages. Other times, we have worked on our own.

Our interventions align with the development goals set up by the United Nations. Our work was initially geared towards the Millennium Development Goals and later as the goals were revised in 2015, we have been striving to achieve a more holistic and sustainable development.

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