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What we do

At Anant Vikas, we follow a participatory model of development that supports intervention programs to assist and inspire people in rural India to achieve self-sufficiency. The projects are therefore as varying as the needs of the people, and based on the availability of resources. An important goal of ours is to transform these villages into places that people would want to continue to live in. Urban migration to cities in search of employment is a worldwide phenomenon. These projects are, in a way, our attempt to arrest such forced migration. By addressing the needs of the villagers, our goal is to help people transform their villages into models of development.

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who we are

Anant Vikas is the sustainable development initiative of the Mind Genius Charitable Trust based in Mumbai. Registered in 2008 as a Public Charity Trust with the Charity Commission of Maharashtra, its flagship initiative, Anant Vikas, has been involved in various small scale projects geared towards achieving the sustainable development goals in rural India.

The Trust has been granted 12A as well as 80G approvals under the Income Tax Act 1961, which allows donors 50% tax exemption on their contribution.

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Why volunteer? We have several reasons to justify volunteering, but we want to help you find your unique reason. It can be anything from wanderlust to upgrading or diversifying your skills or to giving back to the community. You may want to lose yourself in the service of others to find meaning in your life. Alternatively, you may be one of those who knows exactly what they want from life and needs some specific work experience or transferable skills. You can even volunteer online! We are open to it all. We invite volunteers aged 16-60, to work with us. Write to us about your intention, skills, experience, background, or simply how much time you have to give. We will work with you to come up with a project within your given timeframe, and one that matches your interests and skill set.

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  • YEM | Chocolate Making

    YEM | Chocolate Making

    During their second day camp to Madap Katkarwadi student volunteers from SVKM JV Parekh International school taught the women SHG of the village chocolate making to empower them with a means to livelihood.

  • St. Gregorios – Nadal | Jewellery Making Training

    St. Gregorios – Nadal | Jewellery Making Training

    Student volunteers from St. Gregorios High School, Chembur conducted a training session on jewellery making for the women in Nadal Adivasiwadi.

  • YEM | Gregorios – Nadal (Youth Club)

    YEM | Gregorios – Nadal (Youth Club)

    Student volunteers from St. Gregorios High School, Chembur forming a Youth Club in Nadal Adivasiwadi.



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